“It’ll Be Good To Laugh”

Originally Published In The Daily Free Press on 11/9/11

Those were the oddly cryptic words my girlfriend said to me as we sat in anticipation for improvisational comedians Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood to take the stage on Saturday at the Wilbur Theatre.  Aside from sounding incredibly gloomy and making me feel as if I had just suffered a great loss, she was right. It was one of those weeks in which you question how every one of your professors magically assigned tests or papers and the lack of sleep and abundance of work was really beginning to take its toll. Fortunately, Colin and Brad of Whose Line Is It Anyway?  fame came out minutes later and preceded to keep the audience in stiches for the next hour and a half.

To start the show, the two asked the audience if anybody believed that some Whose Line material wasn’t actually made up on the spot.  To the few that raised their hand and the crowd, Colin and Brad asserted that they would prove that everything is 100% improvisational by the end of the night.  To prove their point, the two quickly selected two random audience members to play the game “Moving People” with them while taking audience suggestions of “Austria” “Accordions” and a made up gibberish holiday to craft a scene. The game was hugely entertaining as the two comedians were only allowed to move when placed and prodded by the audience members to much hilarity and awkwardness.

Audience members joining the act and crowd-suggestions were the backbone of the show and provided the show with a completely unique flair.  Yes, Colin and Brad have performed these sketches hundreds of times, but the unpredictability of the audience and the quick wit of the two comedians is what keeps each sketch exceptional.

Colin and Brad were hugely impressive in keeping the whole show fantastically absurd and hilarious. Perhaps the most impressive moment of the night came during the rap game “Kick It.” In this game Brad Sherwood was forced by Colin Mochrie to deliver line after line of rap about The Beatles, the Vanilla Ice plagiarism controversy and Lindsay Lohan – thanks to an audience suggestion, the sketch revolved around people celebrating Lohan’s release from jail – while simultaneously begging Colin to end his misery by saying the safe-word, “word.” An equally impressive moment came on when Colin delivered all his lines in his best Dr. Seuss English with no stumbling whatsoever.

It is evident that these two are among the very best at what they do and they provided a much-needed break from the less-than-hilarious routine of late nights spent studying. Yes, it’s certainly good to laugh.

Read last week’s interview with Brad Sherwood for more


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