Plutoed Wins “Best Directing” and “Best Supporting Actress” Award at 48 Hour Film Project

“Plutoed” and “Big Apple Bottle Service” screened alongside other 48 Hour Film Project films in NYC on June 19th. I’m very happy to announce that I won Best Directing for “Plutoed” while Andrea Sweeney won “Best Supporting Actress.”

If you don’t know what the 48 Hour Film Project is, you’re given 48 hours to make a film (May 30 – June 1). We were given the task of making a comedy centered around a character named Jim Fonville, museum employee. It had to have lipstick as a prop and the line, “try this, it’s very relaxing.” This is what we ended up creating:


Me and Sam Epstein at the awards

Director & Producer: Lucien Flores
Writers: Colin White & Darien Hester
Director of Photography: Sam Epstein
Editor: Jake Rasmussen
Assistant Camera: Darien Hester
That One Awesome Video Effect: Anton Thallner

Jim: Liam McNeill
Charlie: Andrea Sweeney
Mars: Chris McFarland
Passerby: Lucien Flores
Bro Voice: Sam Epstein


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